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Grow. Lead. Succeed. Repeat.

Who are we?

RIVR Strategic Coaching is a boutique Strategic Coaching firm specializing in entrepreneurship, leadership, self-improvement and strategic support to help others grow, lead and succeed. We work with startups, scaleups as well as established small to mid size businesses across the globe.

Our mission is to serve others, build community and grow together.  

YOU have most of the answers you need to be more successful to reach your goals. We are there to help:

  • Facilitate that discovery process to unleash the massive value in you that you already possess

  • Identify or improve clarity on your specific vision & mission

  • Develop & implement short term & long term strategies 

  • Map out your top priorities

  • Hold you accountable for the plan

  • Train & develop you and your staff on leadership

  • Identify cost-savings, new revenues streams, strategic partnerships and other ways to improve the health of your business

We focus on key leverage points within the businesses as well as the mindset of the founders & leaders to create immense value.

Check out our What We Do page to learn more.


We recommend scheduling a free 30 minute chat to see how best we could potentially help you with your goals and which package is best for you.  Please go to our Contact page to find a time that works for you!

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